How does it work?

INDIVIDUALS: I provide coaching to teams and individuals identifying steps towards improved performance, greater success and satisfaction.

There are a range of options to suit the needs of individual clients around the idea of a series of supported sessions.  Often this looks like six sessions or so over a period of three to six months. Some clients enjoy putting a regular place in their diaries to check in and build on previous work. Others prefer a kind of call-in membership option. My work aims to support your needs and your schedules so let’s explore together what works.

During our sessions we will explore what good looks like to you. We will look at what is getting in the way and what you might do to take action with small steps towards satisfaction. Most often, I work with clients online so there is no drama to reach me.  We can work face to face if you prefer.

For your first decisive moment contact me today for a chat.

TEAMS: For teams and organisations, using questions and enquiry, our initial discussion will ask you: what does good look like? where are you now? 

Using intensive team coaching that can consist of repeated visits and workshops or a one-off experience, we will revisit the Why, What and How of your team to rediscover the art of performing effectively together using a set of sessions and/or short intensive workshops addressing issues you have identified.  

As every organisation is different, contact me to talk through your needs so we can build the solution together.