Coaching 1-2-1

I  coach individuals and teams. Together we will agree how this works best with your schedule and your preferred ways of working to improve your performance.

There are a range of options to suit the needs of individual clients.  These include a series of supported sessions and off-line work.  Together we will agree how this works best with your schedule and your preferred ways of working. Is it right for you? Check here

Our sessions provide the time to explore what you want, why it matters, what gets in the way and what steps you can take to move towards success. Your first session is given be on a no-obligation basis and will give you a flavour of how powerful coaching can be.

Most often, I work with clients online so there is no drama to reach me.  We can work face to face if you prefer.  For your first decisive moment contact me to arrange your first session.

Working with Teams

For teams and organisations, we will build a project of improvement that encourages self reflection and a measurement of success.  For more on why this investment makes sense go here.

Together we will explore the purpose, coherence and meaning of the team as it works to be its best self, alongside other teams, through 1-2-1 contact with individual members and group workshops.  

With minimal disruption to the work that still needs to get done, we will revisit the Why, What and How of your team to rediscover the art of performing effectively together. The emphasis will be on keeping it simple, focussed and practical. 

Here are some thoughts on effective teams and a short test you could run to see where you are now.  

Contact me to talk through your needs so we move towards building your success.