What clients say

Catherine Shepperdly, Nutrition Consultant WFP

I achieved my goal of increased confidence in work. Through the process I changed some of the “blocks” that were holding me back both personally and professionally. I was able to identify my core values and have a more healthy, balanced outlook and attitude towards life.

Georgia Oke Uprising Leadership Programme

The coaching sessions that I have had with Harriet have been invaluable in supporting my personal and professional development.  Harriet’s holistic approach to coaching has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of where my strengths lie, whilst identifying areas for improvement. I feel that my confidence and self-awareness has been very much enhanced as a result of these sessions.


Gabriella Mascia  Senior Content Strategic at Curated Digital/ Uprising Volunteer

It has been such a pleasure working with Harriet. She has equipped me with a number of practical techniques to apply across my personal and professional life! She is warm and engaging, and her sessions are open-forum, always being guided by your own goals, ambitions and personal achievements. I’ve become much more confident in my interactions with others, and my ability to make a positive impact on the world. I would 1000% recommend Harriet to anyone

Laura Hussey, NT House and Gardens Manager 575 Wandsworth Rd

Over the course of 4 sessions, I was able to deep dive into some thoughts/ideas I’d started to form around the future of my organisation in response to Covid-19. Harriet’s prompts and questions really made me think about not just what was important to me, but why.

MARIEM OMARI CEO/Founder Bijli Productions

The coaching sessions have had a significant impact on my thinking and approach to establishing my new company, Bijli productions.  I now have a company with a clear vision mission and board of directors, all in less than three months. 


Harriet’s coaching explored issues with penetrating questioning;  helped me articulate the changes we want to see and prioritise tasks at a critical time in our business. I really felt heard and understood. It was a valuable time for quality introspection and high-lighted the need for improvement in my note taking! Thanks!

SAFIA ALI, CEO/Consultant

The impact of Harriet’s coaching has been to empower me to be more reflective and analytical in the way that I move forward; given me a sense of purpose to always look at other peoples views; made me connect to my strengths and look at my weaknesses in a positive way, and not focus on negative issues but to concentrate on how I can build myself and others. It has been immensely rewarding for my self esteem, confidence and knowledge.

CHRISTINE, Product Innovation Manager

With Harriet’s coaching I have gained a more positive outlook on my career, balance and family relationships by thinking of alternative approaches to both my current thinking and for longer term change.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and whilst some questions were hard to answer I came out of every session feeling very positive. As a result, I feel like I have made real progress over my time and am a happier person. Of course there’s plenty more work for me to do …    
Through Harriet’s feminist lens, expertise and thorough knowledge of the third sector, she was able to easily navigate yet sufficiently challenge the diverse team at Amina, to imagine and curate the steps required to enable a successful and resilient organisation for the next 10 yrs – one of the best strategy sessions the organisation has had – thank you!
SEAMUS JEFFRESON, Senegal Rep Blair Institute formerly CEO CONCORD Europe
Harriet coached me through a career transition and a change of location for my family. Harriet challenges me to imagine alternative and creative solutions and go beyond the options I set out. Her skill is to bring out the best and most creative in you. Harriet is genuinely intrigued by people. Her inquisitive mind attached and extensive and varied international experience make her a wise, compelling as well as a fun coach.


Harriet’s creative flexible coaching techniques founded on years of experience added with good humour and confidence has provided the structure and depth I seek to transition into new work and levels of professionalism.


If I had to sum Harriet up it would be to say that Harriet opens closed doors in minds and enables clarity to shine in! Harriet has encouraged, challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone into areas of work which enabled me to grow professionally as well as progress strategic areas of work


Harriet Dodd is a top-notch experienced coach and mentor, yet extremely down to earth and in touch with the realities to steer teams to deliver results and achieve organization and personal outcomes and results. .. her experience and approach  contagiously inspires more and excellence. 


Harriet knows how and when to cut to the chase. She will challenge you (have no doubt about that), she will help you identify what you need to do to achieve your goals and she will assist you in your journey to realising them. Harriet’s skills, experience and innate desire to see people excel will be of great value to anyone looking to benefit from professional coaching. I cannot recommend her highly enough


Harriet’s coaching is an eye opener and gives much food for thought.  Her structured approach and clearly analytical head and questions ensures that both the obvious details that one forgets and/or relegates in priority list are considered and questioned.