What clients say

Great work. I found as a coachee I really had to put the effort in. Throughout the programme I found myself constantly re-evaluating my approach and behaviours and trying out new techniques not only to guide my personal development but also to lead and support successful team progression and delivery of outcomes. This is not for everyone. It can be challenging!

I achieved my goal of increased confidence in work. Through the process I changed some of the “blocks” that were holding me back both personally and professionally. I was able to identify my core values and have a more healthy, balanced outlook and attitude towards life.

The coaching sessions that I have had have been invaluable in supporting my personal and professional development. The holistic approach to coaching has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of where my strengths lie, whilst identifying areas for improvement. I feel that my confidence and self-awareness has been very much enhanced as a result of these sessions.

Your prompts and questions really made me think about not just what was important to me, but why.

The coaching sessions have had a significant impact on my thinking and approach to establishing my new company.  I now have a company with a clear vision mission and board of directors, all in less than three months. Throughout we were able to discuss what was working for me and tailor coaching to my needs.

The coaching explored issues with penetrating questioning;  helped me articulate the changes we want to see and prioritise tasks at a critical time in our business. I really felt heard and understood. It was a valuable time for quality introspection and high-lighted the need for improvement in my note taking! Thanks

Through Harriet’s feminist lens, expertise and thorough knowledge of the third sector, she was able to easily navigate yet sufficiently challenge the diverse team at Amina, to imagine and curate the steps required to enable a successful and resilient organisation for the next 10 yrs – one of the best strategy sessions the organisation has had – thank you!
Creative flexible coaching techniques founded on years of experience added with good humour and confidence
Coaching will challenge you (have no doubt about that). It will help you identify what you need to do to achieve your goals and will assist you in your journey to realising them. Harriet’s skills, experience and innate desire to see people excel will be of great value to anyone looking to benefit from professional coaching. I cannot recommend her highly enough
Thanks again for your amazing work, I have no doubt it will change my life going forward.