Harriet Dodd You Partner-in-change
Harriet Dodd Director

Harriet Dodd, TopHat Coaching is an executive and team coach. She specializes in providing services to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. With three decades as team leader, director, HR professional and small business owner, Harriet brings a wealth of experience to the coaching space with you at the centre.

Harriet’s career in international development has involved leading teams through some complex and challenging circumstances. She knows first-hand how crises and change can affect our performance and challenge your resilience. You can lose sight of the way ahead. Reaching clients all over the world, Harriet uses the non-judgmental curiosity of coaching to offer a unique opportunity for partnership in change.

Harriet Dodd TopHat coaching likes to get to the point and challenge assumptions: her own and yours. Her approach is direct, professional, creative and non-judgmental. She has been decribed as “kind and experienced”.  Its worth adding that fun and laughter are never far away!  You will find that Harriet’s questions and curiosity are based on a genuine interest in you, the challenges you face and the belief that a better you is a better her is a better thing for everyone. Together you will decide what this means for you and in relation your community and the wider world we all share.

The TopHat Associates

TopHat Associates are a diverse and highly talented group of accredited coaches and NLP practitioners. Our different backgrounds and specialisations suit a range of interests and connections. We share values to make an impact on the lives of clients and the world in which they live. To meet them and find out more look here

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