TopHat Associates

TopHat Associates: diverse talent and perspectives

TopHat Associates are a group of acredited coaches and NLP practitioners who believe in making long term difference to individuals and teams, those they serve and the world beyond. We unlock inner capacity and drive. Our different backgrounds and specialisations suit a range of interests and connections.

Jo Kemp

Jo Kemp is quiet, smart, focussed and kind. She has over 14 years experience in the humanitarian and development sector. As an economist and a coach, Jo provides coaching, mentoring and facilitation services to individuals and organisations in the UK and overseas. As well as UK based leaders, Jo’s clients include UN Senior Managers, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, Government(s) and international NGOs. Many of her coaching clients are working on conflict/post-conflict programmes and in the MENA region (Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia). Jo uses a range of approaches and tools in her work including resilience coaching, partnership brokering, remote partnering, systemic team coaching and therapeutic coaching.

Jo believes that effective coaching rests on integrity and autonomy.   She is a trustee of Conciliation Resources

Caroline Gavin

Caroline is passionate, positive, and professional.  She has over 20 years’ experience leading teams and delivering growth within the corporate FMCG environment, both in the UK and internationally. Caroline’s focus is always on helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve positive change and growth, through learning, reflection, and action, to consistently perform at their best.  Caroline works with individuals and groups, to support, challenge, and inspire personal growth through improved self-awareness. 

Drawing on her extensive experience, Caroline also offers Coaching-Led Consultancy for strategic growth, enabling clarity of purpose and strategic planning, to deliver positive change and long-term growth.

Caroline is passionate about growth and development, both for herself and others. She believes that coaching is a powerful catalyst for positive change.  She is passionate about making coaching available to a broader, and younger audience through her ‘Empowered-Youth’ coaching programmes and workshops in schools. 

Thomas Lewinsky

Thomas Lewinsky is a curious, thoughtful and direct executive coach. He is an advisor and constellation facilitator with over 20 years of humanitarian and broader NGO expertise.

Thomas is particularly driven by complexity around strategic, organisational and capacity issues where the answers are not always immediately obvious. He is adept at combining the harder strategic aspects of change with the underlying political choices to be made, while insisting on getting people effectively on board to ensure ownership and collective commitment

The key values that Thomas brings to coaching are empathy, a safe space for putting the cards on the table, and a deep-felt commitment to help the coachee operate on the basis of an authentic, congruent and dedicated personal foundation.

Katie Freeland

Katie combines a clearsighted business head with patience and a compassionate interest. She is a coach/mentor, a business owner and HR/Talent management specialist. Drawing on the experience of a lifetime – Katie grew up in a family-run business and then managed her own while raising her family –  she specialises in supporting business leaders and their employees with her practical knowhow and understanding.  Katie’s coaching support ensures that talent, values and the work experience aligns to deliver success.  Her approach  focusses on the development of self-awareness and behaviour management using NLP techniques, behavioural science and team behaviour assessments.  She has supported her clients through conflicts, complex change and mergers.

Katie’s work is guided by a belief in fairness and curiosity.  In her spare time Katie volunteers at the largest male prison in UK supporting inmates with money management. She says there is plenty for everyone to learn in this experience!

Hannah Neill –

Hannah is smart, professional and calm. She is a communications specialist and a coach who builds on eight years experience in the medical communications and advertising sector, leading brand revitalisation and comms campaigns, and a variety of medical education programmes. Hannah’s experience particularly equips her to respond to the needs of individuals and teams working in the high pressure world of agencies.

Hannah’s coaching clients are often working on resilience, confidence and finding work-life balance.  Hannah’s work focusses on shifts in mindsets and the ability to reframe our perception and response to circumstances.

The values that Hannah brings to coaching are authenticity, curiosity, and empathy. She creates an honest space where her clients are heard and challenged, have an opportunity to see their story through a different lens and build the power to grow and change. She is actively involved with a local not-for-profit organisation, providing a mix of coaching and comms consultancy for charities on a voluntary basis.