I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and whilst some questions were hard to answer I came out of every session feeling very positive. As a result, I feel like I have made real progress over my time and am a happier person. Of course there’s plenty more work for me to do …    
Through Harriet’s feminist lens, expertise and thorough knowledge of the third sector, she was able to easily navigate yet sufficiently challenge the diverse team at Amina, to imagine and curate the steps required to enable a successful and resilient organisation for the next 10 yrs – one of the best strategy sessions the organisation has had – thank you!
Harriet is providing me with coaching to help my transition from my current to a future role. Harriet challenges me to imagine alternative and creative solutions and go beyond the options I set out. Her skill is to bring out the best and most creative in you. Harriet is genuinely intrigued by people. Her inquisitive mind attached and extensive and varied international experience make her a wise, compelling as well as a fun coach.

Harriet’s creative flexible coaching techniques founded on years of experience added with good humour and confidence has provided the structure and depth I seek to transition into new work and levels of professionalism.
FELIX HOLMAN DEPUTY PROGRAMME DIRECTOR THE BROOKE   If I had to sum Harriet up it would be to say that Harriet opens closed doors in minds and enables clarity to shine in! Harriet has encouraged, challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone into areas of work which enabled me to grow professionally as well as progress strategic areas of work
Harriet Dodd is a top-notch experienced coach and mentor, yet extremely down to earth and in touch with the realities to steer teams to deliver results and achieve organization and personal outcomes and results. Thanks to her experience and approach which contagiously inspires more and excellence.  Harriet was an extremely useful resource that enabled me to navigate through the huge fresh responsibilities, I had to face. It was a great choice and the experience has enabled me to evolve and establish myself and approach.
ANDY TODD, CEO  Harriet knows how and when to cut to the chase. She will challenge you (have no doubt about that), she will help you identify what you need to do to achieve your goals and she will assist you in your journey to realising them. Harriet’s skills, experience and innate desire to see people excel will be of great value to anyone looking to benefit from professional coaching. I cannot recommend her highly enough
ABDUL NASSER FARRAJ, EXECUTIVE GLOBAL CONSULTING GROUP Harriet’s coaching is an eye opener and gives much food for thought.  Her structured approach and clearly analytical head and questions ensures that both the obvious details that one forgets and/or relegates in priority list are considered and questioned. At the same time, the more strategic stuff of doable goals and plans are also prioritized as to be operationalized.  Her focus on helping reach a work/life balance is much appreciated.