Team Coaching

An investment to add value to your business

STOP & THINK! You may need team coaching. Get the best out of the individuals and the groups you work with. Its good for them and good for business. 

Ask youself this: are you leading or working as part of a team? How effective is this group’s work? Are you producing more for the business together as a team than you would as a group of individuals? How well is your time together used?

Research by scholars like Ruth Wagerman has shown, when teams work well an organisation achieves more. When it doesnt, the team members can become demoralised and their engagement and their talents wasted. This is inefficient and can cost you in time today and business tomorrow. 

Our clients report that everyday demands, feelings of meeting overload – especially online! – internal tensions between team members and a pile of unclear deliverables mount up. They result in an overwhelmed and less than effective group of individuals who often blame each other or just feel miserable. The loss is reflected in the performance of the business and poor adaptability to emerging challenges. Sound familar?

Team Coaching unlocks your team’s potential

TopHat & Associates, work with you and your team to unlock the potential to produce their best. We start with an apparently simple question: are you a team? This is shortly followed by another: if you are a team, who/what purpose do you serve? This begins our work together.

TopHat Team Coaching is a powerful and effective way for your organisation or businesses to unlock the best in your teams.  The process over several months is engaging, fun and challenging and has been designed to run alongside your ongoing work.

Can you afford not to invest in your teams?

According to the Chartered Management Institute, (Management Manifesto 2017) poor management is costing our economy dearly: £84bn in lost productivity to be exact.  At the heart of this are low levels of trust and engagement.  And this is pre-Covid!

Coaching costs are far less than the cost of poor engagement, high turn-over and disgruntled colleagues.  Call us now to discuss your needs and you will be surprised. As the process reveals clarity of purpose and as participants develop trust and confidence, they own the solutions they develop. A culture emerges that understands that performance is not an end point but rather a way of working that adds value to the ongoing work of the business.

Thanks, but we have had team building

Really? Team Coaching is very different from team building although a well-built team will be part of the outcome.

At the heart of Team Coaching is the question: Why?

Each stage of the TopHat Team Coaching is rooted in workplace reality and is immediately useful for the team and those in it. Taken altogether, the coaching experience has a lasting impact going further and deeper than more frequently used one-off team strengthening interventions.

Together with the whole team, we build a connection from the team to the wider organisation, its current and future customers and its values.

Each member of the team and the team itself is accountable to one another, the work of the team and its specific role in the current and future success of the business.  We work to find agreement on how this works in practice, the best ways of working together now and for tomorrow.

How does it work? Outside in and Inside out

We start from the outside asking why and for whom your team needs to be great and then we peer at the inner workings to see how we can improve to deliver our work. 

Every team is special but the key places along the way are:

      • Once you’ve made the call and we have agreed to look at working together we make a team health check
      • Together with your team we will gather data about the team, its history, its work and its current membership
      • Over a period of 6-8 months we will work together with regular monthly interactive, fun and informative meetings that get to the heart of what you need to be changing to be your best

For more on team performance take a look here. Want to start and conversation with your team? Why not try open a discussion by trying this?

Take a decisive step towards a team that is its best for your business

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