Team Coaching

Team Coaching adds value

I believe that teams and not one CEO or individuals leaders are the units of organisation learning intelligence. The work is simply too complex for one person’s brain. As research by great scholars like Ruth Wagerman has shown, when teams work well an organisation achieves more. 

Working together with TopHat Associates, our work with your team goes beyond team building. Together we examine the eco-system in which your team must perform, develop, learn and grow to do its best. At TopHat, we use coaching to deliver sustained improvement to team performance to add value to your business and beyond. Our work examines the purpose, common objectives and mutual accountability essential for your collective impact.

The Cost of Poor Performance

According to the Chartered Management Institute, (Management Manifesto 2017) poor management is costing our economy dearly: £84bn in lost productivity to be exact.  At the heart of this are low levels of trust and engagement.  

If your organisation relies on the output of teams that must function effectively and efficiently now and into the future, developing and improving your team is a good investment. Coaching is a cost effective means of doing this, as all participants develop trust and confidence as the process unfolds and they own the solutions they develop. They develop a culture that understands that performance is not an ed point but rather a way of working that adds value to the ongoing work of the business.

Defining High Value

Peter Hawkins, scholar and coach defines excellent leadership teams by asking a set of questions that can be applied to all teams:

      • Is the purpose of your team’s work clear and understood consistently?
      • Is your team clear on what it can do together that it cannot do apart?
      • Does your team have a clear way of working to generate ideas and challenge effectively?
      • When the individuals in your team represent the whole team do they do so effectively?
      • How does your team learn, reflect and develop?

For more on team performance take a look hereWant to start and conversation with your team? Why not try open a discussion by trying this?  

What’s stopping you?

We know that sustained improvement in and between teams is crucial to effective business performance. However work pressure, turnover, change and the fear of uncomfortable confrontations can mean we muddle through and hope for the best. 

With TopHat your team will invest in a process of team investigation. We will combine the collection of diagnostic data with interactive sessions that will be fun and sometimes challenging. We support teams to open up their communication and identify the assumptions that create barriers to successful work and build new ways of working together. 

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