Team Coaching increases focus and performance in your teams. It is good for them and good for your business.

Excellent teamwork is invigorating, supports innovation and efficiency. It increases staff engagement. Lovely! By contrast, poor teamwork can result in low levels of conflict, the withdrawal of effort, time wasting and inconsistant performance. Low levels of engagement and workplace drama are very costly. Forbes cites research that says low engagement alone might be costing businesses around $16k per employee.

So, although most workplaces are organised into teams that appear on organisational charts or in project designs, in reality, they are often teams on paper only. They may have little or no sense of what the key customers of their work feel about it, a poor sense of a shared purpose and a low sense of obligation to others in their team. Research by scholars like Ruth Wagerman has shown, when teams work well an organisation achieves more. When it doesnt, the team members can become demoralised and their engagement and their talents wasted.  Not so lovely!

Our team Coaching works with the whole team together in order to develop a clear sense of purpose. This provides focus on performance through mutual accountability and collective effort. It is a powerful and effective way for sustained impact that is aligned to your business goals.

Systemic Team Coaching for focus and performance

TopHat Coaching and Associates works with teams using a systemic approach  designed to increase ownership, engagement and dynamism in teams. With a focus on the team’s purpose and performance in relation to that purpose, the team considers the internal and external systems of which they are part, and who, or what, their collective work serves now and in the future.

They examine the inner workings for development and improvement in relation their purpose and they will candidly look at what may need to change.

So what is Team Coaching?

Team coaching is a highly interactive process of reflection involving the whole team in the delivery of their work. It takes place over several months with two coaches and includes research on team stakeholders, workshop sessions and coaching in business-as-usual meetings and questions how the team is learning together as they adapt in a VUCA/BANI world.  At the heart of the process is the question: What are we uniquely placed to do as a team now and for the future?

Team coaching goes beyond team building and training as it examines the team from the outside in.

Every team, like the individuals within them, is different. Each team has its own needs. All share the need for  flexibility, adaptability and engagement to create value for the business.  Team coaching can deliver this.  As we prepare for team coaching, we will discuss your needs and a bespoke package of work to support you.

Can you afford not to invest in your teams?

According to the Chartered Management Institute, (Management Manifesto 2017) poor management is costing our economy dearly: an eye watering £84bn in lost productivity to be exact.  At the heart of this are low levels of trust and engagement.  And this is pre-Covid!

More than ever, the last 24 months have shown us that flexibility, adaptability and engagement are essential ingredients for a team that creates value for the business.  Team coaching can deliver this.

Call us with questions and to discuss your needs now.