Reframe and Rethink

For You – reframe to rethink and unlock your courage

Reframe to rethink

Our coaches create a safe space to work in partnership as you reframe to rethink and unlock your courage. You will create new thoughts and reorganise old ones, face your fears and find courage to speak your ambitions. Together we will explore the changes that matter and transformation that is within your reach as you develop confidence.

Use your courage and contact us now for your coaching to begin! 


So what is coaching?

Coaching is often confused with training, consultancy, counselling and in some cases punishment.  It is none of these!

Coaching is a professional service where you will meet and discuss your aims and intentions. In a space and supportive space you will reframe to rethink and unlock your courage as you clarify what matters.  You will put a voice to your intentions as you aim for the new challenges you see ahead. We provide a confidential and non-judgemental space where these conversations take place as you order your thoughts and develop the capacity to notice new things about yourself. Successful coaching is when you learn more about yourself and take steps forward from which you learn and grow.

Is coaching what I want?

These commonly raised questions may help you decide. How confident are you that:

You are reaching your full potential?

Have the skills, resources or courage to do what you want?

You know how to prioritise the competing demands of everyday life and tomorrow’s challenges?

Having made a decision you will stick to it?

You will progress on any of these areas with the help of coaching.  Sometimes you may find it uncomfortable, at others fun and even exhilirating and frustrating! Like a gym that works out new muscles, coaching too can stretch your thinking muscles. 

Clients who get the most from coaching are ready to reflect with the coach and entertain new and fresh ideas of their own making. They come to sessions with things they want to work on and are ready to try things out even if it may be uncomfortable.  TopHat Coaches are your partner in courageous change