New possibilities in mouldy lemons

© and courtesy the artist

They are found festering way in the dark corners of the refrigerator – mine at least. Nothing says  neglect, rotten and useless more than mouldy lemons. Kathleen Ryan made these beautiful larger-than-life pieces in 2020 and 2021 [1]  She used a range of precious stones to show the vibrant creep of the mould and captured the vivid, textured changing surfaces. Not so much useless as full of possibility.

To me, the work provides a great analogy for new perspectives. Perhaps we are revisiting the old adage “if life serves you lemons, make lemonade”. Only this time going further to a place where lemonade is no longer possible and the  change are not in our control.

The message becomes: if it looks useless, observe and think again. The lemon is no longer there for us to make lemonade metaphorical or otherwise. It  is dead and decaying and useless to us.  And yet in that moment it is a place of new life, change and possibility.  Mould and fungus takes to work creating new textures, colours and new habitats.

A creative artist has seen there opportunities for observation, beauty and the creation of new objects. How many opportunities are we all missing as we too quickly dismiss things as useless?

[1] Featured in this years ROYAL ACADEMY SUMMER EXHIBITION 2022

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