Knowing Me Week 9

Knowing Me Week 9 – Dream for a new you!

From the over-consumption of chocolate to changing career, the solstice is a the season of reflection. Imagining how things can be different is the start of the magic!  

This week we will draw on the work of the late Steve de Shazer and I will invite you try something new. Dr. Shazer’s work was used in therapy but has great application for self discovery.

The time is now!

For northern hemisphere dwellers, 22nd December 2019 will be the shortest day of the year. For the southern hemisphere it’s the longest. The earth’s oceans will swell and fall to their highest and lowest points at this time. This key moment in the year has for centuries been a time of celebration, feasting and reflection. More recently, all over the world people use the New Year to make decisions to reflect on habits and ambitions they want to change.  What’s yours?

Take your pen and paper…

Are you comfortable? Then I will begin…

Think about something that you consider is a problem in your life. If you have none you are truly lucky! Visualise it, hear it, feel it and consider how long it has rested within you.

Now, imagine yourself at home, completing all the last tasks of the day and retiring to bed. As you sleep some yuletide magic occurs and that something that problem is miraculously gone!  You have no idea how, you just know when you open your eyes that this is so.

Think for a moment and write down: how is life different now? Write down as much that is changed that you can think of in detail.

Think again of your best friend. What difference would they experience in you? Write down as much that is changed that you can think of in detail.

Now ask yourself three more questions: 1. If/when you last felt like this new you; 2. What score you give yourself between 0-10 where 10 is the magic state. 3. WHAT ONE THING COULD YOU DO TO MOVE CLOSER TO 10?

For more about the project and links to all the previous wonderful weeks look here.  Contact me to take the next step!




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