Knowing Me- Week 8

What To Be, To DO or Have

In Knowing Me Week 8, we enter into the spirit of the festive season! What better than lists of what you want and  baking a personal cake?  It may help with your resolutions for 2020!

As the regulars among you know, the Knowing Me Project is all about getting to know ourselves better. You could add to that challenge, being more honest about ourselves.

For more about the project and links to all the previous wonderful weeks look here. If in doubt contact me for more info!

So whats it to be? A cup of tea, a glass of something else? Either way, get the pen and paper or wherever you capture your thoughts and here we go…

The list

Take a page and divide it into three columns labeled Be, Do, Have.  Under each title allow your imagination and inner thoughts take over as you list all the things you want to be, do or have (avoid writing what you think you should write!). NOTE The words in the columns don’t have to link across. Let your list grow and when you think you have run out ask:  What else?

Keep this list safe and prepare to make your cake.

The Cake

Sometimes this is called a wheel. For the calorie conscious among you may prefer thinking about Wheels. No matter, this is how it works:

step 1

List the things in your life that are really important to you. This is your choice. Often it is family, or friends, fitness, health, work, finance, community etc. It may change from time to time.

step 2

DRAW a circle – your cake – and divide it into as many slices as you have important things up to around 8.

Put each of the important things from step one into each of the slices (see the example)





Step 3

Ask yourself two things:  

  1. Why does this segment matter to me?
  2. For each segment, if the outer rim is 10/10 and everything is fine and the centre is 0/10 what score would I give this segment based on how I feel it is going? 

If you are the colouring in kind, you might like to shade in. So that if you are feeling that work is presently at 50% of what you would like you will shade in 50% from the centre.

Step 4

When you have your thoughtful cake in hand, look back at your be do have lists above. Do you see things in one that is not in the other? Is there and alignment?  

Step 5

With all this reflection and with a new year just around the corner ask yourself:

Is there a segment I would particularly like to work on, to make improvements in my life? 

If this game or any of the proceeding weeks has made you think and you would like  some guidance on moving forward with coaching. Give me a call!

Acknowledgements – thanks for this exercise to many coaches and in particular to The Coaching Academy




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