Knowing Me – Week 7 Meet your past self

Do you know your past self?

This week 7 of Knowing Me, I invite you to look at your past and play a game testing your memory. Getting to knowing your past self can be fun and enlightening! Would you know yourself at 12? What advice would your 12 year old self give you?   

As you may already know, out  memory plays tricks. We mis-remember and add meaning to events long after they have occurred, fully believing that our later version of events it TRUE.  This fascinating blog explains some more.

Regardless of their slight unreliability, memories can serve you well. They are an important part of your reflection on the present. They help you to understand better the place you now stand and the choices you will make. 

21 questions to start your thinking! 

For this week’s exercise, first ask yourself the questions listed below. Some are things you may not have asked yourself in a long time. They may  remind you of things you love, or are proud of, that you had forgotten about. They may leave you puzzling about the younger person you who has become a stranger.  

When you finish, pause for thought and make some notes.

What has this exercise thrown up for you? How do you feel having completed this exercise?

1. What did I like to do best when I was 12?
2 What was my favourite holiday memory?
3 What was my favourite food ?
4 What are some chores that I had to do when I was growing up?
5 What did I like most about my best friend at school?
6 Have I ever performed on stage?
7 What did I want to be when growing up (more than one?)?
8 What did I play most when growing up?
9 If I met my 10 year old self what impression would I get?
10 What are 3 places that I have been to and would love to visit again?
11 What key words would you use to describe them?
12 What does my closest friend like best about me?
13 What are/were my parents greatest personal strengths?
14 If I was given a forced vacation for three days tomorrow what would I do?
15 What is a key skill that I have that most people don’t know?
16 What gives me greatest pleasure in life?
17 If I order a meal in a cafe, what will it be?
18 What is irritates me  more than anything?
19 What would  my best friend say are the four most memorable things about me when describing me to a stranger?
20 If my sixteen year old self met me now, what advice would they give me?
21 What is one thing that I wish I was better at?

Do it with friends

If you have friends or a partner you have known a long time and whom you love and trust, the questions can be a great round-table game of mutual discovery. Maybe you could adapt to use in the workplace too. Have fun and please contact me to share the experience!

If this or other exercises have provoked some questions. To find out more about coaching CONTACT ME and we can discuss your ideas.

Please let me know how you got on or improvements you would make to these posts. See you next week!

If you are here for the first time and wonder what its all about, you can find out here. You can follow the exercises of being a blob, meeting your future self in a dream, considered your role models , understanding patterns in our thinking, considered your language and questioned your  values. What?!!







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