Knowing Me Week 3: My Models

Thanks for joining me again for 10 minutes as we continue with small pauses to get to know ourselves better.  Today we are thinking about your formative role models

If you are here for the first time and wonder what its all about, you can find out here

By now you’ve been a blob , met your future self in a dream and now its time for models!


Grab a cuppa, find a quiet space with a pen and paper and join me.

For 5 minutes or so, give yourself permission to pause.  Think of someone, who was not your primary carer and whom you trusted and loved being with when you were younger. (Perhaps a relative, a friend, a friend of your parents, etc)

Spend a moment remembering your time with that person, visualize your interactions, listen again in your head to your exchanges and how you felt when you were with that person.

Answer the following two questions, thinking as you do about their behaviours, and attitudes:

What did they do that you likes so much?

How did you feel?

Once you have your lists ask yourself: 

  • Who are the people in my life who need to trust and rely on me in some way?
  • How much do I mirror the behaviours you have valued in your interactions with others?

This exercise is taken from John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance. In his own studies he notes that most commonly listed words were:

The person: Listened to me; Believed in me; Challenged me; Trusted me; Respected me; Gave me time and attention; Treated me as an equal

I felt: Special; Value;  Confident; Safe/Cared for; Supported; Able; Fun/enthusiasm; Supported

Are yours similar?

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