Knowing Me! Week Two: Your Future Self

Welcome to Knowing Me! This is your space for  private thought-provoking fun. This week I invite you to meet your future self. You will notice what you notice and choose your direction! 

Its Week 2 my friends and its all for free.  For more about this journey read the intro and check out Week One

Last week you were looking at blobs and wondering which one might be you. This time we have something that my clients have called more challenging, but fun.  

As we get started, please make yourself comfortable in a place where for 10 minutes or so you will not be interrupted. With your feet firmly on the floor and with a pen and paper nearby, let’s get started!

Visualising Your future self…

Read through these instructions to get yourself set up and to enable you to run the exercise quietly and thoughtfully. Note DONT WORRY if you don’t have strong visions, let your imagination work in whatever way you like. This is meant to be fun!  Remember to consider the final question.

As you can see, I have recorded the exercise because then you can spend the time thinking instead of checking what you are meant to do next.  



Switch off your phone if it might disturb you. Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. Notice how the ground feels. Roll your shoulders deeply to feel relaxed and ready to explore. Take three or four nice long deep breaths and as you breath in imagine you are breathing in FRESH AIR & CLARITY. Lift the corners of your mouth. You might want to close your eyes.

NOW…Imagine you are walking down a road. It is a sunny, warm day. Look around you and notice what the place looks like and how it feels to be walking along. In a moment you are going to meet someone coming towards you. This person will be you in the future: your future self. Your future self is living their dream, achieving their best doing what they want. Watch them come towards you from a distance. Allow yourself to really look at them carefully. What do you notice?

Your future self reaches you and greets you. How do they greet you? How do they behave? What do you notice? Do you have a question for your future self? Ask it, and listen for the answer.

Thank this person and say goodbye. Thank them for coming to meet you. Breath deeply as you return to the present. Be aware of how you are sitting. Wriggle your toes and fingers. Open your eyes

Write down anything you wish to remember from the encounter. What did you see? What did you notice? What did you hear? What did you feel?

As we end, consider this question :- In what way has meeting your future self made you think about your present self?

Thanks for this exercise go to “Coaching For Performance”, Sir John Whitmore 2002 from which it was taken

If this or last weeks exercise has provoked some questions. To find out more about coaching CONTACT ME and we can discuss your ideas.

Please let me know how you got on or improvements you would make. See you next week!




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