Knowing Me! Week 1

Welcome to Knowing Me!  Week 1

As promised in the intro, in his Knowing Me Week 1, I am offering you some private, thought-provoking FREE fun.  

So my friends, get a pen and paper, follow your nose and let’s get started!…

Which blob are you?

First, look at the Blob Tree picture below and take a moment to think about the different characters and what they might represent for you. What do the positions in the tree say to you? What are the expressions of the blobs?

Now you’re in the mood, let’s think some more.

Consider where your life happens and reflect

Maybe you think about home, or the workplace, school or social gatherings.  Choose one of these and then ask: In that situation, which one of these blobs reminds me of me?

(Helpful hint: You might want to make notes as you answer these questions. If you find it hard to answer for yourself, trying thinking of a colleague or a friend first, before answering for yourself)

Now ask: Which blob would I most like to be? Is there a different one?

If it’s the same, what makes you think that? Make a note

If it’s a different one. What would you have to change to get there? 

Are you always the same blob in this situation? If not, what makes the difference?

Now consider different parts of your life, and ask the same questions again….and breath!

Reflect some more

So in this first week of self discovery you have thought about blobs in trees! What did you notice? Were you surprised? Was your mind open or closed? Did you make assumptions about the tree and the grass and the other blobs?

Credit for this exercise and thanks go the amazing: Pip Wilson and Ian Strong at Blob Tree (

Feel free to play this with friends, kids in school or colleagues in teams. Printing and numbering the blobs can help. It can be printed and coloured in. Please note, he may look interested but your cat will only pretend to be joining in.

To find out more about coaching CONTACT ME and we can discuss your needs.

Please let me know how you got on or improvements you would make. See you next week!


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