Are you too busy to invest in the high-performance of your team?

High performing teams deliver business succes. According to the Chartered Management Institute, (Management Manifesto 2017) poor management is costing our economy dearly: £84bn in lost productivity to be exact.  At the heart of this are low levels of trust and engagement. Trust is built within the teams that make up the workforce. Investing in high-performance of your team seems to be a no brainer.  

Team coaching can significantly support sustainable improvement to trust levels, individual and collective performance and at relatively low investment levels.

As a leader and as a coach, I know that teams are crucial to effective leadership work and business performance. Work pressure and the thought of uncomfortable confrontations mean, too often, we muddle through and hope for the best. If only that is how “the best” happens! 

A CEO  I coach recently complained to me that his SLT were undermining the work. In his mind it would be easier if two of them would just decide to leave. He complained about the involvement of his board.  To move us forward, I asked the following questions:

      • How clear is the purpose and role of your team?
      • What would great look like? 
      • What are the roles of individual members of the team?

Although my client has answers in his own head for all these questions, he admitted he didn’t know if his team would answer the same way because he had never asked them. He admitted that trust was in short supply and that the effect on more junior staff was frustrating, at best and, at worst, bad for brand, retention and organisation performance. For more on high performance teams take a look at this short blog post.

Moving forward, he and his team need support to open up their communication; identifying assumptions and barriers to successful work; and creating a culture that is flexible and supportive. Working together with a fellow coach through a short series of interactive and dare I say it, fun, engagements we will build their success. This will be his success not mine.

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