Harriet Dodd:  accredited coach and organisation change consultant. Tophat Coaching – your questions answered

Why choose me for your coaching?

Through Tophat coaching I offer clients the benefits of more than three decades of work experience as a leader in a wide range of contexts.

I have had the fun – and sometimes pain – of leading and supported large and small organisations in more than 13 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Of course it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Your pain will not surprise me.

I take inspiration from people I have worked with and learn from. Whether it was teachers in rural schools in Sudan, small businesses in Nigeria, international programme teams, or small UK based businesses, their achievements and their frustrations have confirmed for me the general amazingness – is that a word? – of people and the potential in all of us: in you.

Now, as your coach my business is able to offer flexible support packages to suit client needs and ensure you and/or your teams get what they need.  If you are wondering what’s involved look here

Where do you live and work?

Tophat coaching is based in London. I also live in partly in Sudan and travel extensively.  For those of my clients who feel like third-country nationals, or whose work requires crossing cultures, my perspectives can be helpful.  I volunteer with a refugee support agency and my multi-country experience plays a key role in understanding part of their experience.

Who are your clients?

My clients are all ages and from all walks of life.  Many come from my network across the non-profit sector. Others are running small business and larger teams.  When you get in touch ,we will discuss your situation and what you want to change. Effective coaching comes with a clear determination on your part that you want to make a change and are ready to do so.  

Think of it like this: you never get into a cab without knowing where you want to go!

What is special about you?

I am an experienced leader who has worked in many cultures. My clients know that I like to laugh and have a direct style. When working, I am efficiently creative, non-judgmentally understanding and support results through listening.


My qualifications include Strategic Human Resource Management  (Manchester) coaching with Co-Active Coaching and The Coaching Academy and I am an NLP practitioner. I am a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” _Tim Gallwey 

Get in touch about your needs or those of your organisation, today.