Harriet Dodd- Good Changes Partnered

Harriet Dodd – Good change partnered

Different Cultures and Different Contexts

Harriet Dodd You Partner-in-changeRedundancies, poor performance, burn-out, changed priorities and personal issues can all get in the way of good changes. I have worked through them all. My career in the non-profit sector and social enterprise has given me the privilege of leading diverse teams in many different cultures, often in highly challenging contexts. They are all working to make good changes. For all its ‘goodness’ however, this is a tough sector demanding choices that sometimes seem at odds with the image.

I like to laugh and have a direct style even as I strive to be professional, creative and non-judgmental in order to support the changes you want. My questions and curiosity are based on a genuine interest in your good change even as you grapple difficulties. My aim is to be your partner you as we work together. Your choices have the potential not only to change you but those around you and beyond.

Edinburgh based, internationally active

I have had the fun, and, sometimes the pain of leading and supporting large and small organisations in more than 13 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia. I have been a founding member of two organisations.  My optimism and confidence rest on more than three decades of work experience as a leader and HR professional in a wide range of contexts.

I take inspiration from people and teams I have worked with and learn from. Whether it was teachers in rural schools in Sudan, small businesses in Nigeria, international programme teams, or small UK based businesses, and, now my coaching clients, their achievements and their resilience have confirmed for me the general amazingness – is that a word? – of people and the potential in all of us.

As your coach and partner in your change, I am able to offer flexible support packages to suit your needs and ensure you and/or your teams get what they need.  If you are wondering what’s involved in the magic of coaching, look here

Tophat coaching is based in Edinburgh. I also live in partly in Sudan and travel extensively, Covid not withstanding.

Who are your clients?

You can see the comments of some of my clients here, They are all ages and diverse.  When you get in touch ,we will discuss your situation and what good changes you might be wanting to make. 

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My qualifications include Strategic Human Resource Management  (Manchester) coaching with Co-Active Coaching and The Coaching Academy and I am an NLP practitioner. I am a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” _Tim Gallwey 

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