Knowing Me, I mean You!

How well would you say you know yourself? Are you part of the 90% who think they do or the 10% who actually do (see this HBR article).

Knowing yourself is at the heart of emotional intelligence and paves the road to success.

Here are 9 weekly games for you to try as you investigate the answer to the question of who you are.  They are fun. They can be shared or kept private.

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Each week I will add another:

Week One – Which Blob are You

Week Two– Meet Your Future Self 

Week Three  – Your Role Models

Week Four; – Patterns in you thinking 

Week Five; Your Language

Week Six; Your Values

Week 7;  Your Past Self

Week 8; Be Do Have

Week 9– Dream for some magic

Some will jog your memory of your past, others will prompt you to imagine the future. I hope some of them make you laugh as well as think afresh about who you are and what you want. 

TopHat coaching clients are with me on a road of self discovery as they unlock their best. We turn dreams into plans and to confront barriers that affect success.  Self-exploration and reflection is key to deciding on the sustained changes, you want to make.

Where I have knowingly borrowed and adapted I will provide links and references for you to follow. If I missed any, please let me know so I can put it right.






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