Knowing Me, I mean You! – 12 weeks of discovery

Knowing Me, I mean You! is 12 weeks of short exercises where you can ask yourself questions and have some fun answering them.

Pack the virtual food and something to drink. Don’t forget your TopHat. There’s no need for a map, you will be using your own.

This adventure is about exploring and getting to know yourself better in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Feel free to invite your friends, but there’s no need. Each week I will add another:

Week One; Week Two; Week Three

Each week I will offer a 10 minute game or exercise that will need some thought.  Some will jog your memory of your past, others will prompt you to imagine the future. I hope some of them make you laugh as well as think afresh about who you are and what you want. I hope they throw up more questions than answers!

At TopHat coaching, I work with clients to achieve their best. We work to turn dreams into plans and to confront barriers that affect success. Being aware of yourself and managing how you react is at the heart of emotional intelligence and paves the road to success. It is a lifelong project that can serve us well at home and in the workplace.  Self-exploration and reflection is key to deciding on the sustained changes, you want to make.

Where I have borrowed and adapted I will provide links and references for you to pursue more. If you find them useful or know of improvements please add to the comments below. I hope you will enjoy them and make comments on their usefulness and ways to improve them. Goes without saying, but to find out more about coaching CONTACT ME and we can discuss your needs.

Knowing me! I mean you! starts tomorrow. Have fun and share with others if you enjoy them!





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