Hello aunty! Have you got Corona too?

A Child’s Concern: Have you got Corona Virus too?

Corona conversations may seem hard when every day new information is coming in but it could be key to your and your family well-being if you are stuck indoors.

My friend’s eight year old niece calling from far away to her aunt in London carefully explained to her that her school was closed and granny is very worried. Did we have it in London too she wanted to know.  

My friend said her concern and curiosity were touching. It made her realise that at eight she had as many questions and concerns as the grown ups. Different ones.  Corona conversations are important. Psychologist Brendon Street writing in CIPD’s excellent People Management this week notes that that staff anxiety stems often from fear of the unknown.  

Conversations about Corona can be distressing if they only focus on the negative. However saying nothing, as if everything is “fine” could be worse.  Key to building resilience is to turn attention to potential positives, however small and actively seek out activities that strengthen your feeling of control.  If you followed my earlier Knowing Me blogs you will have seen the blob tree in Week One. Because I like it and find it never fails to engage,  here it is again:

Where are you and where do you want to be?

Start your Corona Conversation by looking at the picture ask: How am I/are you feeling right now? Where would I/you like to be? And what is possible that I/you can do to get there? …And if this doesn’t float your boat just print it and colour it in!

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