Business and climate change and the role of coaching

Do you need a coach? According to Deloitte’s, 90% of businesses realise they have to do something in responding to climate change. Few have made the changes they know they need to. For businesses, timely and effective responses will have an effect on all business-critical areas such as costs and supply chains (courtesy of and staff engagement, (courtesy of Personnel  When businesses need help they often need coaches to help them think.

We wanted to know more so we teamed up with Earthos to ask you about how you felt about climate change and whether you were ready for the impact on your business.  Your environment is ours too and this is an issue that faces all of us. Below is a snapshot of the facsinating answers.

Many thanks to 82 leaders who took part. You know who you are! This is what you said:

Business and Climate Change what is the role coaching. Survey Results

There is more work to do and more questions to be asked, but the role of coaching in supporting business to think about their response to climate change makes sense.  Responses to the survey has generated lots of interest and lots of data on values; key questions to be asked, and, a variety of opinions for us to consider. Watch this space for more!  If your  business needs help to think about this  get in touch!

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