Tophat Coaching gives you space to think and take your next step towards what matters.  Our clients tell us that life feels uncertain. and that making choices to get more from life and work can feel too hard, too many, too few, or even too pointless. Our coaching will move you forward.

So take your next step towards what matters  –  Contact us to find out more.

TopHat Coaching towards what matters

We work with individuals and teams facing uncertainty and change.  Together we intend to make your life and work more effective for yourself and the world in which you live.  Sustainability is at the heart of our work.

This is challenging work.  TopHat Coaching Associates bring years of professional  leadership and technical experience to our coaching. Together, we share values of equality, inclusion, empowerment and creativity supporting effective workplaces and teams.

Still not sure?  To find out about what coaching might be like look here for some key starter questions. Then, look here to see what others say about our service.

Our Planet and Coaching

The global pandemic, climate events and bio-diversity depletion have demonstrated how closely we are all connected. At TopHat Coaching, we keep this in mind as we coach and have been asking some clients what they would want a coach to ask them. With their kind permission and thanks to our producer, Steve Counsell, you can catch their summaries in these three videos:

Video 1, 2, 3

Read more about coaching and our responsibility to social values here

Stronger teams add value to your business

Working in an excellent team is invigorating. It supports innovation and impact and increases staff engagement as a group works together with a common purpose. By contrast, poor teamwork results in low levels of conflict, low effort, time-wasting meetings and confusion for the team’s customers.

Coaching the team is a new approach to sustainable development. Contact us to find out more. We would be delighted to offer you a taster session.

TopHat Coaching and Associates uses a systemic approach to look inside and outside the team asking who or what their collective work serves now and into the future.

Like, an individual, the group that makes up the team works together to agree the step towards what matters.   Find out more here.


Coaching is a professional service guided by a Code of Ethics where a facilitated conversation enables clients to turn ideas into tangible plans. It is neither therapy nor counselling. I will not engage or try to understand the roots of your anxieties or fears that form barriers to action.
Coaching is not consulting. I will not advise or give direction in relation to your ideas or plans.