I am Harriet, Director TopHat coaching.  

With my coaching you will put on your tophat, button down your best goals and get ready to reach results (with apologies and thanks to Fred Astaire!). It will make you feel stronger and more in control. You may even feel relief for finally having got around to doing something about coaching!

And you will not be alone. Coaching is an investment that more people each year use as an effective way to focus on what matters and helps you achieve the change you want.

You bring the skills, resources and passions to make a change. I bring the questions to encourage, bend and challenge your assumptions. Sometimes we will laugh, at others you may feel uncomfortable as we create space for self-reflection and develop tangible plans on which you can build. Together we will measure the results. 

No ambition is too big or too small!  You may be longing to work on a long held ambition or looking to unlock something in the short term. In the words of the great Peter Drucker “Its common sense: thats why its so rare”!

Harriet challenges me to imagine alternative and creative solutions and go beyond the options I set out. Her skill is to bring out the best and most creative in you.”

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My clients are near and far, from my local South London neighbourhood to the rest of the world.

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For clarity: What is it not?
Coaching is neither therapy nor counselling. I will not engage or try to understand the roots of your anxieties or fears that form barriers to action.
Coaching is not consulting. I will not advise or give direction in relation to your ideas or plans.