Courage today for tomorrow

People in purpose-led businesses and organisations, non-profit leadership and fellow coaches in development need skills and courage today for tomorrow and beyond. Great coaching, facilitation and organisation development support are the key components of the programmes we have designed to unleash your potential.  With all of our ‘busy-ness’, it can be hard to step back and think. And yet it has never felt more essential that we do.  Hit the FIND OUT MORE button to start the work we need to do together.

For you: Reframe and rethink to unlock your courage

Reframe to Rethink

Our coaching creates a safe space for you to think new thoughts and reframe to rethink old ones.  You will consider your uncertainties and find courage to move forward. Together and in this way, we will explore the changes that matter and transformation within your reach. 


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For organisations and businesses: Choose Change© for courage and purpose

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”  Covey

The TopHat team works with businesses and organisations so they can adapt to the unfolding context. Our coaching, workshops and facilitation gives you space to be more fully ready for the strategic challenges ahead with courage, imagination and sense of purpose.


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For learning leaders: Gateway to Leadership©

Gateway to Leadership

Participants in this highly interactive, practical, fun and demanding course will join us on a journey. Passing through the Gateway to Leadership together, we build a community of excellence and collaboration.  Knowing that great leaders know themselves and balance a focus on relationships and tasks, this is a path of self-discovery and skills development.  The course is coaching inspired and uniquely interactive and engaging.  Like the leaders who run it, it is rooted in day to day work experience of everyone on the course.


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For Coaches: TopHat Coaching Club to learn, collaborate and grow courage together

This club for coaches provides a great way to learn and get our coaching courage fully maintained and ready for the challenges of tomorrow today!

We coach in trios: you coach, you are coached and you observe.  Within the boundaries of ethical practice, experimentation is welcome. All coaches whether in training or already qualified are very welcome in our relaxed and supportive environment.   There is a chance to network, share resources and consider a range of coaching styles.  Everyone wins – especially the clients we serve!      FIND OUT MORE   &  Join the club

Our Values

Respect and inclusivity –  We work in a partnership of equity and equality, without judgement. Our aim is that all clients have control in their own decisions within their own abilities.

Sustainability –  TopHat believes that sustainability is acheived through a combination of sense of social justice, environmental justice and excellent governance in the infinite game of survival we are all part of on our shared earth. Read more about coaching and our responsibility to social values here

Creativity – We all need to reframe much of our current thinking and try new things. We believe that courage and learning often emerges from fun, laughter and creativity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coaching is a professional service guided by a Code of EthicsIt is neither therapy nor counselling. We will not engage or try to understand the roots of your anxieties or fears that may form barriers to action.